Pardubice won the Charme Look with Faltek jockey

Like the Orphee des Blins, this time the thirty-three jockey led the starting field almost from the first obstacle.

In the lead he ran with Ter Mile and when he resisted the final attack of Ange Guardian in the final meters, the Faltejsek could rejoice in the fourth triumph of the Great Pardubice.

“I basically just carried. Thank you for the perfectly prepared horses. It was a great and very nice ride, “Faltejsek told Czech Railways after the race.

” It’s a dream. I can not believe that our golden horse has mastered it. Mainly it is healthy and the win is a great bonus, “said Růžičková.Originally, Barbora Málková was supposed to ride Charme Look, but recently broke the wheel, so Faltejsek was driving. “I’m happy and next year we’ll have it together. Perhaps it will come out, “said Málková.

The second place behind him was the debutant Ange Guardian with the jockey Jan Kratochvíl, the third was Zarif and Josef Bartoš.

On the track 6900 meters for the second time the eighth winner Josef Váňa but he would like to appear next year at the age of 64. The 126th year was interesting because no foreign horse or jockey participated in it.

Stromský naděje skončili za 1xbet Taxisem

Weeks and days before the race, Charme Looke was the biggest favorite.Two hours before the start, Nikas pushed Nikas and Mark Stromsky away from the first place. They both wanted to break the bad luck of the juggernaut jockey and at the same time show all the doubters that last year’s “victory” was not a coincidence. One of the favorites was Rabbit Well. “Maybe we will write in a more pleasant spirit than we have stayed on,” he wanted younger before the start of jockey Josef Váňa. Unfortunately, it did not happen. The ten-year-old redhead refused to go out and only 14 horses continued.

Before arriving at the Taxis Ditch.

He could not skip Reaper, the son of the double winner of Regatta with Jakub Spacil. What was more important was that Marek Stromsky stayed behind the Taxis, and Nikas was running on his own.The joke of the two-forty-year jockey is not over yet.

Charme Look and Jan Faltejsk appeared at the moment, who took care of the pace of race with Ter Mil. The twelve horses then stayed together for a long time before the rider and the Universe of Gracie were lost.

The Havel’s jump then came to the first acceleration of the Faltissa, which field was ripped apart. At the finish line, however, Ange best betting bonus offers Guardian was a bit behind Charme Look, but he was not enough for the final acceleration of the nine-year-old brown.

But Kratochvil was satisfied with the second place. “It’s excellent, the horse matures and shows it to be of good quality and has to count on it in the future.Several times we hit another horse in a race, but it’s a tough one, picking up and going on, “Kratochvíl said.