OGC Nice – SV Zulte Waregem

In the league, last year’s Ligue 1 of Nice is roughly failing, but it can be sure to find comfort in the European League, which is very good. If Zulte Warege is up to his own fans, no one will prepare him for the spring phase. But the Belgian team is doing very well out there.

Francky Dury’s confidants have won four times in the last six cases on foreign playgrounds in European Cups. They managed, for example, the previous Betclic free online bets key duel on Vitesse and returned to the fight for the first two races, as the French selection was fallen with the leader Lazio for the second time. There is a two-point difference between the two teams.

With Essevee, however, Essevee is very bad. Since the defeat in Rome in the end of September, seven times have fallen seven times, including the past league match with Genk. “We did everything we could to score, but the opponent’s defense was too good, and I need players to raise their heads as quickly as possible,” said the guest strategist.

In addition, Zulte Waregem is waiting for an opponent to whom they do not have any but good memories. Right at the beginning of the group, with Nice, it was four goals high. The Arnhem Club’s two-duel revived his hopes of progress. “Our plan – to keep as long as possible and turn any of our chances,” explained Dury’s clear tactic.

However, OGC can not, in any case, mourn happily. If Zulte Waregem in the Belgian league holds at least in the middle of the table, Les Aiglons are just above the descent zone. Since last season, they have been scraping down. Since October, they scored only in two Unibet online sports betting cases against Dijon and last time with Caen.

At least on the European scene, the coaches of Lucien Favre do not want to disappoint. The situation is firmly under its control and it is enough for them to win now. “We are all fully focused,” said midfielder Vincent Koziello. “We have defeated our opponent in the first game, but we can not think it will be the same now.”