Hellas Verona – Genoa CFC 0:1

Genoa has managed a totally key match on Hellas and, after another victory, escapes the descent ramps. The match for Stadio Bentegodi has decided the only goal scored by the experienced Goran Pandev.

It was a purely rescue duel. Both Hellas and Genoa needed to Energybet score and improve their otherwise unflattering position. Both teams were in the previous rounds but this time only one could win.

The Stadio Bentegodi score could change very soon, as the Verde center and the goalie of Perina shrugged in the 5th minute and Genoa saved the goal. He also burned Genoa, namely Bertolacci, who had a good time to finish the game better and shortly to score a goal. However, the Genoese midfielder was racing, and the action was all about that. The half-time was headed to the undefeated result, but in the setting the Griffe showed a quick action at the end of Energybet which was Goran Pandev and the first and last goal in the match.

Hellas had nothing to wait for and immediately after the change of sides he started offensive. Alessio Cerci was great at switching from the defense to Mattia Perin. On the other hand, he got the ideal passport of Rigoni and many were missing to make Genoa two goals.

The final phase of the match was a bit of a fault. Sudato Damato only gave five yellow cards in the final quarter. Domestic Hellas tried, but at the end he Energybet could not be active enough, let alone effective. In the second minute, Biraschi refused to decide and Genoa eventually won “only” a one-off difference.

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